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Baobaby: Innovative agri-preneur of the maritime region

The NGO ALAFIA is devoted to providing more opportunities to young entrepreneurs to improve their initiatives. The best entrepreneur awards have a new category: « Innovative agri-preneur of the maritime region ». Specially created to reward the efforts of start-ups trying to improve the food system in the maritime region.

The prize rewards innovative ideas and projects that are being implemented in a region that provide a substantial amount of the country’s food. Beyond the $1000 prize, the start-up will have an increase visibility, and access to resources that will help it improve its business and marketing plans. All relevant projects related to the food system are invited to apply but priority will be given to those that aim to reduce hunger and increase farmers’ revenue.

This award is also a way to recognize the role of private enterprise in the development of the maritime region. It gives special attention to the contribution of the youth to improve local entrepreneurship and local development.

This year Baobaby got the prize for its role in the transformation of the food system to feed babies and children. In facts, the startup aims to reduce malnutrition among babies in rural areas. Tatey Adzoavi the director of NGO ALAFIA, hopes this award will encourage the startup to pursue its innovative actions and impact millions of lives in the future.

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